Insider Story: Thoughts from Three Dog Night’s Fan Club President

We wanted to get an insider’s perspective on what keeps the band Three Dog Night so great after all these years, so we asked their fan club president, Madonna Nuckolls, to share her thoughts. Read on for her personal perspective as well as photos, a video, and information about their upcoming performance with your Houston Symphony!


Danny Hutton & Cory Wells

My Name is Madonna and I’ve been the Three Dog Night Fan Club President and editor of their quarterly newsletter for 17 years. When I agreed to manage the fan club, I thought it would be fun to do for a couple of years, not realizing I’d make friends all over the world. The guys in the band and their families are great people, and it wasn’t long until my friend, Barbara and I became a solid part of the team through our work on the newsletter and the club. We enjoy traveling to see the concerts and meeting up with good friends we’ve made along the way.

The Three Dog Night concerts with the Symphony are a “take your breath away” experience! It’s the best thing that could ever happen for the fans. The symphony instruments add yet another element to the feast; and while they aren’t featured in every number, there’s just enough to emphasize how timeless and all-encompassing these beautiful songs are! The overture is a very moving piece arranged by Larry Baird that includes “Eli’s Coming,” “One,” “Family of Man,” “Liar,” and “Celebrate.”

Cory Wells

Cory Wells

Three Dog Night recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra and has a CD by the same name. The combination of their beautiful melodies, along with their amazing harmonies is a winning combination for the symphony. The project, recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, added exciting new orchestral arrangements to Three Dog Night’s signature sound and was released to coincide with the band’s 35th Anniversary.

What an outstanding choice the band made in selecting Larry Baird, who arranged for the famous “Moody Blues” symphony concerts as well. It’s always a treat to see Mr. Baird conduct and quite impressive to hear the symphony performers. And those amazing men of Three Dog Night … they never disappoint! The songs you’ve loved for a lifetime coming at you full throttle is an experience not to be missed! The band has performed at many symphony venues around the country and it’s a magnificent treat for both the fans and the orchestra. The symphony concerts definitely bring out the musicality in me. I hope there are many more of these concerts in the future.

Cory Wells and Michael Allsup

Cory Wells and Michael Allsup

Three Dog Night has always been a number one, first class STAGE BAND! They are very animated and enjoy what they are doing, and their expression and emotion on stage has always captivated me and still holds true today. No other group can compare to the beautiful voices and harmonies of Three Dog Night! If you enjoy great entertainment, exquisite music, awesome singers and a band that rocks your world– then be sure to see Three Dog Night perform with your world-class Houston Symphony!

For more information and tickets CLICK HERE.

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  1. Cathy Brown says:

    Are there any plans for Three Dog Night to come to Atlanta? I have been enjoying their music since 1969 and would absolutely love to come to a live concert.

    • Houston Symphony says:

      Thank you for your question. Three Dog Night performed with us as guest artists for one night only, so we are not going to be your best source for up-to-date Three Dog Night information. We recommend checking their official website for better information here: We hope you find what you’re looking for!

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