Secrets to Unlocking More Value From Your Symphony Purchase: Pre-Order Intermission Drinks

Congratulations- you’ve got tickets to the Houston Symphony! But whether you’re a multi-year subscriber or a first time single ticket buyer, you may still be unaware of all of the things the Houston Symphony has to offer in addition to your tickets, often at little to no additional charge. Check the Symphony Secrets category of our blog often to be sure you’re getting the most value for your Houston Symphony ticket purchase.

Secret #3: Pre-Order Intermission Drinks

Does an excellent first-half of a concert often leave you feeling thirsty at intermission? We can relate! That’s why we wanted to make sure you know that you have the option to pre-order drinks at any of the bars in Jones Hall before the concert starts. Simply fill out a pre-order drink slip at the bar, and the bar tender will tell you where to find your drink later. Then, when you’re ready for a drink at intermission, it will be there waiting for you at your reserved location so you don’t have to waste precious intermission time (which we all know is very limited) standing in line. You can enjoy your drink at a leisurely pace before returning to your seat for what’s sure to be an excellent second-half of the concert.


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